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Welcome to the Tilda Encounter !
A fanpage dedicated to the actress Tilda Swinton

Welcome to my little Tilda Swinton Site !
The first time I saw Tilda Swinton was in "Orlando".
And if you have seen this or any film with her you know that
she is an amazing performer.
So, check out this place to get to know more about her.
And don't forget to sign my guestbook.:)

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  • Read the transcript of the "State of Cinema" Address Tilda delivered at the San Francisco International Film Festival 2006. Thanks to Wayne for this info!
  •  The Australian movie magazine FILMINK has an article on TILDA SWINTON in the latest issue, which hits stands on December 15th. The magazine is available for sale in Australia and New Zealand from the 15th of each month. It can also be purchased online or by contacting Dina.
Filmlink has kindly provided this site with the Tilda Swinton article
/ Tilda Swinton @ Filmlink 1
/ Tilda Swinton @ Filmlink 2

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This is an unofficial fan site devoted to Tilda Swinton, established simply for the enjoyment of anyone who cares to visit. There are no intentions to infringe on her rights or the rights of any copyright-holders of the projects mentioned within this site.
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